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Banksy Print Value

Upcoming Auctions

Print name Auction Date Edition Auction estimate Our expert estimate Link
Avon and Somerset ConstabularySBI Art Auction31/10/2020CanvasJPY30000000-50000000Go ►
Wrong WarSBI Art Auction31/10/2020SignedJPY2000000-3000000Go ►
CND SoldiersSBI Art Auction31/10/2020UnsignedJPY1500000-2500000Go ►
I Fought The LawSBI Art Auction31/10/2020UnsignedJPY1500000-2500000Go ►
Grin ReaperForum Auctions27/10/2020Signed£ 25000-35000Go ►
Flag (Silver)Forum Auctions27/10/2020Unsigned£ 10000-15000Go ►
Laugh NowForum Auctions27/10/2020Unsigned£ 25000-35000Go ►
Pulp FictionForum Auctions27/10/2020Unsigned£ 25000-35000Go ►
Flying CopperForum Auctions27/10/2020Unsigned£ 15000-20000Go ►
BarcodeForum Auctions27/10/2020Signed£ 80000-120000Go ►
Soup Can (Color)Forum Auctions27/10/2020Signed£ 35000-45000Go ►
Girl With BalloonForum Auctions27/10/2020Unsigned£ 120000-180000Go ►
Rude CopperForum Auctions27/10/2020Unsigned£ 25000-35000Go ►
Turf WarForum Auctions27/10/2020Unsigned£ 30000-50000Go ►
Monkey QueenForum Auctions27/10/2020Signed£ 60000-80000Go ►
HMV DogForum Auctions27/10/2020Signed£ 50000-70000Go ►
Weston Super MareForum Auctions27/10/2020Unsigned£ 12000-18000Go ►
Toxic MaryForum Auctions27/10/2020Unsigned£ 15000-20000Go ►
Grannies (POW)Forum Auctions27/10/2020Unsigned£ 15000-20000Go ►
Queen VicForum Auctions27/10/2020Unsigned£ 15000-20000Go ►
NapalmForum Auctions27/10/2020Unsigned£ 12000-15000Go ►
BarcodeForum Auctions27/10/2020Unsigned£ 40000-60000Go ►
Trolleys (Color POW)Forum Auctions27/10/2020Signed£ 40000-60000Go ►
Gangsta RatForum Auctions27/10/2020Unsigned£ 40000-60000Go ►
Napalm (In the Darkest Hour There May Be Light)Forum Auctions27/10/2020Signed£ 35000-45000Go ►
Have a Nice DayForum Auctions27/10/2020Unsigned£ 15000-20000Go ►
Turf WarForum Auctions27/10/2020Signed£ 60000-80000Go ►
Trolleys (BW POW)Chiswick Auctions26/10/2020Unsigned£ 30000-35000Go ►